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Medical coverage on a 90-day basis

Short Term Health is designed to provide medical coverage on a 90-day basis. If the temporary need continues, in some cases you may apply for one new policy within a 12-month period. It's important to realize that there is no continuous coverage between policies. That means any medical condition that may have existed or occurred under one policy will be a pre-existing condition under the subsequent policy, and therefore, will not be covered under the subsequent policy. Pre-existing conditions include advise, diagnosis or treatment of in the last 5 years.

When is short term medical insurance appropriate?

  • Temporary or seasonal workers
  • A few months until Medicare eligible
  • Recent graduate
  • Between jobs, on leave from work, or recently laid off
  • Waiting for an individual policy to get issued
  • Entering the job market
  • Starting a business

If you have lost your individual coverage or did not purchase a plan, this is your only option until October 1. You can begin the application process right now by clicking here to follow this link to secure a short-term policy.



Your most basic safety net.

Purchasing a catastrophic plan is a great idea, it covers you for the big expenses, not for everyday doctor visits. When you purchase a catastrophic policy it has a maximum out of pocket and you will have to pay for your doctor visits. Your premium will be much lower with a catastrophic plan than a plan with doctor visits. Because you are not paying for your doctor visits up front, you pay for them as you go. But if you have a "surprise" illness or injury you will have a maximum out of pocket you will have to pay and then the insurance company pays he rest of the bill. With these plans many are HSA eligible so you can tuck money into a bank account for the everyday or major expenses as you need them.  Catastrophic insurance does cover your preventative visits at 100%



Eye care add-on policy to your health insurance plan.

The health of your eye is covered by your Health Insurance example glaucoma and macular degeneration.  Vision insurance is if you need glasses and eye exams other than for medical reasons.  We have several packages available depending upon you needs and location. 



Say AAAAhhhhhh!

Many dentists will tell you that they take your dental insurance; however, they omit that nearly all insurance is out-of-network. For your best coverage, we work with many dental insurance companies to match up the best options and plan for you.



Lucky you! Add some sound planning to that luck!

Travel insurance not only makes good sense, it's far, far less expensive than you think. How inexpensive? Here's one example: An American couple age 50 and 53 planning to travel to Thailand for 11 days in March can be covered throughout their travels by a $1 Million policy with ZERO deductible for $90.... for the TWO of them! Travel policies are great for students studying abroad. And, if you have relatives living in other countries planning to visit you here in the US, they can be covered by a travel policy during their stay here too!

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