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How can we help you (please choose one)
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What should I bring to my appointment?


GROUP PLANS- Size up, Set up, or Tune up

Are you sizing up if group insurance is something you can consider offering to your employees? Maybe you're ready to roll out benefits and need to make final decisions on choices and set up a time for us to present those options to your employees. Or, maybe, you're been offering group benefits and need to make some adjustments. We're ready for you!

Please bring with you to your appointment:

  • If you've previously had group insurance, bring the name of your previous insurance carrier.
  • A completed census form-- Download the form here!



By asking just a few questions, we help you decide between the many companies and hundreds of health insurance plans in Oregon. Deductibles can vary a lot. Some plans offer limited or unlimited doctor visits. By taking the time to ask how often you go to the doctor, what type of physician do you normally see, and to understand yours and your family’s lifestyle we can narrow the plans down to just a few.We frequently work with lower-income individuals and families and help them figure out if government assistance is available–as rates have increased more and more Oregonians are surprised to learn they qualify for premium subsidies. There are many health insurance plans available to Oregon residents.

Please bring with you to your appointment:

  • Your list of medical providers you want to be sure are included in your coverage.
  • Names and details on any prescription medications you take.
  • Will you need/want chiropractic care, homeopathic care options, massage therapy, vision, hearing or dental care?
  • Social Security numbers for everyone who will be on your plan.
  • Your expected modified adjusted gross income for the year of coverage. (What's that? Click here for help figuring it out.)

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Insurance is confusing and can be very expensive. Our health insurance brokers will simplify it for you.

Appointed with every carrier, we provide clients with a real comparison shopping experience.

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