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During this difficult time, we remain ready to assist you with your health insurance and Medicare insurance needs.

For the health of all involved, we will assist you over the phone or computer. Feel free to call us with your questions or book a phone appointment at fg-insurance.appointlet.com.

If you have lost your job and insurance, we can discuss measures available to cover your health insurance. If you have Medicare questions or wish to work with us for Medicare enrollment, we are here for you.


FG Insurance for all your health insurance and Medicare needs

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What Medicare options are best for you?

Start learning here!


Small and large businesses alike can offer group insurance.


We examine all the insurance carrier options to know what will help you most.

You have health insurance options-- call us!

Why choose an insurance broker? Why choose FG Insurance?

Brokers are free to the consumer--we are paid by the insurance company. And, using our free guidance to get you the best suited coverage does NOT cause you to pay higher rates. Whether you sign up for insurance direct with a carrier, or work with us, your rates and plans are exactly the same. You save time and frustration by using a broker since we know the plans on the market and, very quickly, can offer recommendations for you based on your unique situation. At FG Insurance we're known for making Health Care and Medicare Simple.

Less frustration. Less wasted time. Expert guidance for your situation.

Really, why wouldn't you choose to work with a broker?

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Insurance is confusing and can be very expensive. Our health insurance brokers will simplify it for you.

Appointed with every carrier, we provide clients with a real comparison shopping experience.

Medicare, Medicaid, Supplements

If you are within two months of celebrating your 65th birthday, this is

the time to make an appointment and learn about the options and services

Medicare offers you and learn about the differences of Medigap and

Advantage plans as they apply to your individual circumstances.

Large & Small Group Insurance

FG Insurance is appointed with every carrier that offers small group health insurance in Oregon. We shop the market, so you can focus on running your business.Your company might choose high deductibles with up front benefits, or very low deductibles. We help you sort out what is right for your company and your employees.

Individual Health Insurance

It can be confusing to review all the Oregon health insurance plans

and find affordable rate in the Individual Health Insurance market. We

have been working with Oregonians from Portland to Ashland and Eastern Oregon for over 12 years. By asking just a few questions, we help you decide between the many companies and hundreds of health insurance plans in Oregon.



"Lorraine and her team at Fg Insurance are truly as good as it gets. I have lived in Portland for 25 years and have not found any company that compares to the customer service with Lorraine and Cassandra. I am beyond impressed."

Elizabeth T.


"When we embarked on the daunting task of offering insurance benefits to the employees of our tree service company, we found Nick at Fg Insurance. Nick offered top customer service, excellent communication,

follow-through and simple explanations for the sometimes overwhelming options when choosing a health care plan for multiple people. This is a company of people you can trust. Thanks guys!"

Sydney F.


"I am going to be turning that magical age of 65 in the next few months, and was clueless about Medicare and all it's parts and plans. Nick was very patient with me and spent 1 1/2 hours with me going over my options and its costs... I recommend FG Insurance and Nick to answer your questions, and come up with the best plan for you."

Janet B.


"Nick has been absolutely phenomenal! From the first call to helping me pick the right health insurance plan to following through with all the details. He is knowledgeable, professional and courteous. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing help with insurance."

Lori L.



1 day ago

2 days ago

Medicare can seem complicated--overwhelming. We are here to educate you --digging through a website like this one may feel bewildering. Please call us--sooner rather than later. We'd love to explain ... See more

Find out when you can sign up for or change your Medicare coverage. This includes your Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) or Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D).

3 days ago

...that's why we make a full-time job of understanding it and getting good at sorting through it all and explaining it to you. Lots of changes in plans and offerings this year!

FG Insurance for all your health insurance and Medicare needs

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