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Lorraine Mason, FG Insurance brokerage founder
Lorraine Mason,

Favorite quote: "Never ask someone to do something you wouldn’t do."

Hobby: Curl up and get ready for a mushy romance novel. Pets: Mr. Gibbs–a big dog, and two cats.

About: I Founded FG Insurance in August of 2004 with the thought to be a true broker, representing all insurance companies rather than just one, and to always do the right thing for my clients.

On the personal side I grew up split between two small cities, Scotts

Mills, Oregon where I spent the summers picking berries on my

Grandparents strawberry and blackberry farms; and Sheridan, Oregon where I spent winters.

I'm a family person at heart with two children and four step-children

Cooking is something I do to relax and a love for growing flowers all over the yard is something that I inherited from my Grandmothers.

Insurance Superpower: Networking like a boss to know every possible way to arrange benefits to get exactly what her clients need.

Nick Johnson Headshot photo
Nick Johnson

Favorite quote: “If I didn’t enjoy what I did, I wouldn’t do it.”

Hobby: Taking pictures, being a carpenter on my home, and spending time with my son.

About: It’s a BIG change coming from the construction industry, to the professional side of the health insurance industry. Working a dead-end job is no way to go about life. I made a demarcate change to improve my lifestyle. So now I can spend as much time as I can with my son. I enjoy helping people feel that they are making the right choice vs. being stuck down one route.

Insurance Superpower: Explaining confusing and complex parts of Medicare so that people new to the system come away confident about their choices and what benefits they have elected. He's is highly adept at organizing group benefits too.

Cassandra Alspaw headshot photo
Cassandra Alspaw

Hobby: Collecting vinyl, cooking, and crossword puzzles

About: A lover of music, and food, I made Portland my home 14 years ago. In my free time I find relaxation in exercise, painting, playing video games and catching up on my favorite Netflix shows. Having a passion for animal welfare, I especially love taking part in charity runs that benefit animals.

Pets: One very sweet cat, Caroline.

Insurance Superpower: Helping super-busy people have concise phone appointments where they received excellent service while not feeling rushed. She's also a wizard at handling open enrollment paperwork.

Gibbs the FG Insurance Mascot


Favorite quotes:

“When an 85 pound mammal licks your tears away, and then tries to sit on your lap, it’s hard to feel sad.” – Kristan Higgins

“Dogs got personality. Personality goes a long way.”—Quentin Tarantino.

Hi, I'm Gibbs. If you're lucky, I'll be answering the phone when you call. They don't let me do it all of the time as it seems some people have a "thing" about heavy breathing. I taught Lorraine most of what she knows…at least the important parts: cooking, belly rubs, long walks, the right amount of shed to accessorize any dressy ensemble.

Insurance Superpower: When someone at the Healthcare Exchange dares to leave me on hold too long, I just take myself a nap while they play me music. Five, twenty, ninety minutes later when they return, guess what? I'm still there. Ha! I don't let them win.

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